hidden places to visit rome

Roman itineraries

At the Hotel Madrid, we believe that to truly get to know a city it is best to leave the maps and guide books at home and lose yourselves along the small streets in the center, away from the usual tourist routes. 

Place your trust in the advice of our staff, who have lived their lifetimes in Rome.

Visit our front desk and together we will plan an out-of-the-ordinary ad hoc route that involves a rigorous walk that allows you to breathe in the true spirit of Rome.  

Secret Rome

Between one monument and another there are many surprises in Rome. We know of some that are worth going hunting for.

 Stop 1: Basilica di Sant’Andrea delle Fratte

Nothing is better than starting out with a monument that is underestimated: did you know that the bell tower of this church dates back to 1000 AD and is one of the greatest masterpieces of Borromini being an absolutely innovative piece of work.

But that’s not all: inside the church you can enjoy two statues of angels made by Bernini—the same artist that made the Baldacchino for St. Peter’s Basilica.

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Taste of Rome

Dedicated to art and food lovers.  A city is not really known until you have experienced its cuisine.  

 Stop 1: Sant’Eustachio

Per cominciare con il piede giusto c’è bisogno di un buon caffè.

To start off on the right foot you need a good coffee. Stop here, in this historic bar, established in the 1930s, located in front of the Senate, where the ambiance is still of past times and the coffee is the best in Rome.

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Classic Rome

For those arriving in Rome for the first time there is only one route to follow: one dedicated to all the sights that you really cannot miss.

 Stop 1: Piazza di Spagna

There is a reason why the English poet John Keats chose a home in this piazza to spend the last years of his life. 

Put simply, Piazza di Spagna, the steps of Trinità dei Monti and the La Barcaccia of Bernini fountain, are some of the most beautiful spectacles in all of Italy.

There is no better way to start your walk in the center.

Non c’è modo migliore di cominciare la vostra passeggiata in centro.

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