Emergency and useful numbers

The most important emergency numbers

First Aid 118 - The number is active on the whole national territory, dial it to receive first aid and if you need to be transported to the nearest hospital.

Police 113 - Call this number for an emergency linked to the maintenance of public order and security. Police intervention is necessary in the case of theft, robbery, shootings, kidnappings, violations of traffic laws.

Fire Brigade 115 - It is appropriate to call the Fire Brigade when someone needs urgent technical intervention for example in case of fires, presence of radioactive materials, when there are people or animals who need immediate technical help, in the presence of flooding or other natural disasters, or gas leaks.

Carabinieri 112 - You can dial 112 to release information regarding an ongoing investigation, to report violations for which Carabinieri are responsible, for example, situations of violence on a minor or sexual abuse or abuse of authority or even to request an emergency intervention.

Taxi service in Rome

RADIOTAXI 063570 - Taxis for disabled people and a special service dedicated to women looking for a taxi to go home safely at night, are available

Roma - La Capitale 064994

Pronto Taxi 066,645

Mondo Taxi 068822